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Connect with the Great Healing Power
CD or mp3 Download
Connect with the Great Healing Power
Connect with the Great Healing Power
  • Feel the presence of the Healing Power, the strong universal force that exists both independently and within everything.
  • Know this ever-present force that is eternal and changeless pure spirit, and invite it into your life. It's the energy of the life force, prayer, love, and healing. Get in touch with the affirmation, "I AM the Power of Healing," and let this power shine forth in your life, expanding and enlightening all things.
"You are a True Blessing in My Life."

"You are a true blessing in my life and I'm so glad that at a time when I seemed to need it most, my angels reconnected me with you.  I love your voice -- it has the tones that help me relax and go deep. I relaxed a lot during the meditation and images floated in and out for me. Something great is happening!" ~ MAW

"I truly love listening to you!" ~ KH

Listen to this Two Minute Excerpt
from the companion recording "Find the Place of Peace Inside"
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"Go to the High Place in Your Mind" Three Disc/Recording Set Here >>>
Connect with the Great Healing Power mp3 Recording Download
With Marilyn Gordon
US$ 11.00
Order Now
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