Expand Your Work Across the World
Without Leaving Home –
and Keep Your Income Flowing!

Keep Up with the 21st Century –
Even if You're Not Technically Inclined

Here is the Home Study Program
"New Paths to Online Business Success for
Consultants and Spiritual Entrepreneurs,"
Giving You the Tools you Need
to Expand Your Business Online.

Dear Friend,
Use the challenges of our times as opportunities to move upward in your life. You can be one who moves forward with success in challenging times.

If you've found that you need to expand the way you do your work, that just  doing local in-person work isn't keeping up with the demands of the time, here's a solution.

If you want and need to reach more people and diversify your life, this home study program is an answer. Let it help you create multiple streams of income!

So Much is Possible!

You can transform the way you do your work! You can continue to do what you already do, but you don't have to do one-on-one local work all the time. There are alternative possibilities – expansive ones, great ones!

Imagine being able to do what you love, do it with more people than ever before, create a great income, and have it be joyful and fulfilling. You can use your divinely-given gifts of assisting people in new ways, and keep your income flowing. Expand on the options you offer your clients and students.

Here's a Fantastic Solution

Here's a home study program about expanding your work online, presented to you by a fellow healing professional. I don't claim to be a technical wizard, but I can teach you how to move forward in your work so that you can create an excellent niche for yourself. Transform the way you do your work and transform your life. You know that I don't give you the same kind of hype that internet marketers do, and I speak your language, so you can learn in your own terms.
This is an Eight Hour, Eight mp3 Home Study Program.
This course is all about:
  • how to give excellent teleseminars and telecourses
  • how to write online articles to build a great mailing list
  • how to create good will with an online newsletter
  • how to create ebooks to expand your work.

"Honestly, words cannot express just how pleased I am with the materials. Your course is thorough, yet simply laid out, it's easy to follow and most importantly - for me anyway - it's not overwhelming. I'm not a "techie" type of person but even I understand how to use your Internet Marketing Strategies.

From my perspective the materials have more than paid for themselves...

~ Shawn Gallagher     

Click to listen to Shawn: 

You Can Do This Very Simply – or You Can Go the More Advanced Route 

You can just create simple teleseminars, where all you need is a phone, a conference call line, and a topic (and of course, some listeners) – or you can learn more advanced ways to get going with this so you can truly profit from and transform your work. You can also start out very simply and then progress as you're ready. 

This is Cutting-Edge Material That Will Empower You to Meet the Changes in Our World! 

It's geared toward humanistic people who are not necessarily technically inclined (but who may be). You'll get a boost of enthusiasm and positive energy, and you can jump-start your work.

This is a transformational learning course, and you will receive many resources and materials for expanding your work.

Who's Teaching This Course?
Is It a Technical Wizard? Not Exactly!

I'm Marilyn Gordon, and I'm a hypnotherapist, transformational teacher, school director, writer, and chief cook and bottle washer, and I've been teaching since 1966 (a long time!).

I would not have believed I'd be teaching a course like this, as my interests have been in the realms of healing and spirituality. But I was guided to study teleseminars, ebooks, article writing and more with some of the best teachers on the Internet. I loved the subject, but it took me a while to figure out how I could translate these methods to fit my own subject matter, use of language, and niche, and I wondered if I could get the knack of doing everything technically.

As I studied and wondered, my interest was ignited, and I began to dive in even more. I found this all fascinating! I created my ebook, posted articles on special ezine sites, gave teleseminars, and I studied and wrote my own web copy. I had already had my online newsletter for long time, and I've done it all myself. I kept telling myself, "If you can create that newsletter, you can do all these other things as well."

I figured that I'd like to make it easy for my fellow healing professionals and teach them these things, using the language that we're all familiar with, tell them how I overcame the technical hurdles (sometimes by having others help me with them), and show them how they can jump-start their businesses with these truly spectacular tools.

So that's how this course came to pass! I've been teaching language arts, yoga, hypnotherapy, healing, and more for over thirty years, and I'm now here to teach these "New Paths to Online Business Success for Consultants and Spiritual Entrepreneurs."

I'm a bridge between the online tech world and the "soft" world of healing, transformation, and spiritual growth. I'll be a translator for you and assist you to not only get the technical details handled, but find your way to express the work of your heart in a newly expanded way.

If you're not a counselor or healer, you can take this course too! All you need is a great interest, and you're welcome to participate.
I'm inspired and enthusiastic, and I'm happy to share all this with you. It's time!

"I just want to tell you what an amazing human being I think you are. Everything you touch contains beauty, and everything you express is so wise. the planet is blessed to have you."

Sincerely, Jo   


One: Create Info Products: Create fantastic products that people love, such as ebooks and reports, audios, and more, and learn how to market these products.

Two: Give Teleseminars and Telecourses: Learn how you can create and master the art of the virtual classroom and what to do before, during, and after the programs.

Three: Learn how to build a list of people interested in what you're offering. Learn to communicate with them and create a community around you. Be a recognized expert. Learn how you can expand what you do to create a global outreach. Work smarter using the tools of the twenty-first century and beyond. Create new revenue streams beyond what you've done before and work in new ways.

"I am SO grateful for all you are and all you offer, your kind heart, your wisdom, your integrity--well, the list just simply goes on and on and on!! You are ALL of that, and more.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"

~ Barbara Hansen    

"Thank you so much for this course! I truly love listening to you…..I get so much out of your presentations. I look forward to MANY more whether they are fee or free seminars!!! I particularly like the handouts as well. I’m thrilled to know you’ll be recording each one and offering them as a “listen as you can” application."

~ Karen Hand     

Click to listen to Karen: 

Why Would You Want to Give Teleseminars?
  • Teleseminars are one of the current best ways to contribute to the wellness of the planet by reducing expenditures on gas to get to your home, office or center.
  • You can use them to introduce people to your practice, give them hints and tips that will educate and assist them.
  • You can use them to promote your classes.
  • You can actually give the classes via teleseminar or webinar.
  • You can interview others to promote both them and you.
  • You can teach from the comfort of your own home or office on a global level and not be concerned about the environment.
  • You can charge less per individual if you like while increasing the numbers of people you can assist at once and thereby increase your income. Or you can charge more and have many people in your programs as well!

"Your teleseminar info was very informative and I took lots of notes on the action guide you provided.  GREAT JOB!"

~ Janice G.    

This is the Perfect Home Study Program for You if You Have Any of the Following Characteristics:

You've noticed changes in your business and practice
You'd like to take positive steps to keep the ball rolling in your economics and adapt to the changes in the economic terrain.
You've wanted to learn about this, but technology is daunting.
You're fine with the technology, but you can't figure out what your topic(s) might be.
You've wondered where to begin.
You've had a hard time figuring out how a "soft topic" like healing or counseling fits in with all the hard-sell hype on the Internet.
You've been wondering how you can use this change as an opportunity to
transform yourself and your work.
You've never liked or felt friendly toward the subject of marketing.
The subject of marketing is fine, but you're looking for new ways to do it, along with the old ones.
You want to be able to use the language of healing and transformation instead of language that sounds like hype.
You want to find people to give telephone classes to.
You want to choose topics that are right for you, as well as appealing to students and clients.
You want to get the technical work done.
You're truly excited about this opportunity to transform your business and your life.

"This presentation was filled with gems. Marilyn's voice and presence are filled with love, wisdom and compassion.  Somehow she makes you feel that all is well . . . and that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Straight from the heart."

~ Brenda    

What's in the Home Study Program?
Learn leading-edge tools to expand your work in new ways:

  • How to write and submit articles to create a great mailing list in your niche
  • How to create both free and fee-based ebooks to expand your business
  • How to create newsletters to send out to your list
  • How to give teleseminars and telecourses so you can teach what you love both locally and globally and create a good income.
  • How to handle your own obstacles to doing, being, and having what you'd like – as well as the places inside that keep you moving forward with enthusiasm, confidence, and spirit.

    This doesn't replace your hands-on in person work. It's an additional income source for you.

"I first want to let you know how much I appreciate the healing work that you are doing. I originally became aware of you from watching an EFT training DVD from Gary Craig's collection. Your spirit shines through the work you do. You are a great teacher."

~ Lynda L.    

The fee for this 8-module wonderful program was originally $297 for the entire program. We reduced it to $157 and then to $127 - and now for a short while, it's only $47!" Get 15 CEUs for hypnotherapists and nurses.

That is really too low, but I wanted you to be able to have it. One internet marketer said to me, "Are you nuts?" He felt I was giving away all these incredible tools at too low a fee. I will raise the fees soon, so get your copy now.

Single payment:
US$ 157.00 US$ 127.00
For a short while only, $47
(No Shipping Charge)
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Here are Some of the Skills You'll Learn:

  • Create the kinds of key words people will search on to find you.
  • Know the difference between a teleseminar, telecourse, and webinar.
  • Find out what kind of phone and headset you'll need.
  • Learn the difference between free and fee teleseminars and how to accept payments for your courses.
  • Find people to assist you with technical work at reasonable rates.
  • Use conference call technology or teleseminar (and webinar) software.
  • Learn the way to write articles for the purpose of creating a great mailing list and submit them to major ezine sites.
  • Create ebooks for letting people know about you and for creating profit – as well as for teaching the material that matters to you.
  • Learn to give teleseminars and telecourses to teach what you love and create income.
  • Learn about the many resources that can assist you with this.
  • Learn how to create a "Follow-Along Action Guide."
  • Learn about "autoresponders."
  • Learn about shopping carts, bridge lines, newsletter software, and more.
  • Learn how to continue your education in this if you'd like.
And much, much more!

"Marilyn is a born teacher who stays alert to new techniques in the marketplace."

~ S.C.    

"Marilyn’s work is very pure, heart-centered and very well thought out."

~ J.P.    

"This has been the most important and the deepest experience I’ve ever had. Thank you for bringing the techniques and the information to us in such a beautiful, compassionate and loving way."

~ D.N.

"You are one of those most cherished teachers who have guided me on my path. I don't think you realize the impact you have had on my Life. Your kindness, your Light, your stillness, your peace, and your deep connection to the Divine are truly an inspiration to me. I will always be grateful for your Presence in my Life and all I have learned from you. Thank you. I honor you."

~ O.C.

Great Bonuses You'll Receive When You Enroll
  • For a short while only: PDF copy of Marilyn Gordon's book, The Wise Mind.
  • Instructions on How to Make Hypnosis Recordings.
  • Hypnotherapists and nurses will receive 15 CONTINUING EDUCATION UNITS!

"Marilyn is not only a gifted and caring teacher; she also has that rare ability to motivate and help people to actually do something with their skills. The workshop was the greatest – inspirational, motivating, outstanding."

~ B.H.    

The fee for this 8-module wonderful program was originally $297 for the entire program. We reduced it to $157 and then to $127 - and now for a short while, it's only $47!" Get 15 CEUs for hypnotherapists and nurses.

That is really too low, but I wanted you to be able to have it. One internet marketer said to me, "Are you nuts?" He felt I was giving away all these incredible tools at too low a fee. I will raise the fees soon, so get your copy now.

Single payment:
US$ 157.00 US$ 127.00
For a short while only, $47
(No Shipping Charge)
Order Now

A bit more about Marilyn Gordon:
Marilyn has received five major awards from the National Guild of Hypnotists. She recently was given the Educator of the Year Award for 2008, voted on by the attendees of the NGH Convention.

She has also won the Best in Hypnosis Award from the City of Oakland CA, 2009.

"I'm wondering if you were to imagine all the people you have touched (directly and indirectly) with your wisdom, heart, and soul and embrace all the love emanating from them, so that you can realize that you make an enormous difference! Thank you for being you."

Warmest Regards. Bob Manar    

P.S. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If for any reason you want to return the home study program within 30 days, you will get a full refund. We'll even give you a refund with a smile.

P.P.S.  This is a true bargain. You'll get so much more than you ever expected. You'll have rewards many times over.

P.P.S.  This material is in language you can understand, and it can make a huge difference in your work.

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