About Our Certification Training Program

Internationally-Recognized Certification
You become a Certified Hypnotherapist and a member of the International Hypnosis Federation in this internationally approved training. Hypnotherapy CEUs available.

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Marilyn Gordon


Fundamental to Advanced Training
All classes are experiential, educational and enlightening. A first-rate program with many successful graduates. The training includes dynamic instruction, hands-on practice and supervision as well as individualized mentoring.

Class Schedule, Curriculum and Topics Covered

Accommodations for Out-of Area Students

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Award-Winning Instruction
Marilyn Gordon is a Certified Instructor, hypnotherapist, healer, teacher, speaker and author with over forty years experience. She is the author and creator of books, manuals, CDs, DVDs, and many other programs. She has been teaching hypnotherapy in workshops, hypnosis schools and international hypnosis conferences for many years. More about Marilyn Gordon.

"The personal transformation I've gained from this course is beyond words. Marilyn is the finest teacher I have ever been blessed to be taught by. She surpasses other teachers by a mile.


The material presented in the course was very effective and informative. Drawing from her vast knowledge, Marilyn keeps students focused with her gentle, engaging style. Students gained confidence and abilities quickly. The hands-on approach with her kind and considerate mentoring produces results very rapidly.


Endless thanks from the heart."

~ Brian Pringle

"I've learned so much in this course. I came in knowing very little about this, and I leave feeling comfortable and confident in my abilities and knowledge.


Marilyn has a wonderful ability to explain things, and she makes it enjoyable and informative. She has so much knowledge packed into her dynamite mind. I feel very privileged to have been able to learn from her.


I look forward to sharing my successes with her."

~ Dianna Pringle

What You'll Receive with Your Tax-Deductible Training Fee:

  • First class education and training
  • Hypnotherapy Manual
  • 5 Home Study Programs
  • Membership in The International Hypnosis Federation
  • PLUS, on completion of your studies, you will receive two certificates

To become certified, you don't need to purchase additional books at our school. You receive everything you need with your training fee.

Words about Our Program from Sue Lassetter

Sue LassetterI LOVED being with you and the class for those wonderful days.
The experience of attending, learning and applying knowledge with your loving guidance was transformative. My world has been rocked in a very good way.

You offer a first class education, and I thank you for that.
You have designed this course to be "learning with grace and ease." Your manner and style are soooooo gentle, accepting and encouraging of the best of the students' efforts.

The materials are abundant and well written. The written course(s) alone are overwhelming in a positive way.
You provide the basis for a sound experience with greater depth and access to everything anyone could want. I feel so prepared.

Your professionalism is apparent at every turn. Thank you for doing such a great job.

You are a wonderful instructor with obvious knowledge and unlimited resources.
The body and depth of knowledge is enchanting, demonstrating gently how this training can serve those who are willing to absorb and apply the knowledge.
You made it look easy.

Wonderful materials and resources
Wonderful pacing
Delivering as promised and more

Your program is an oasis that needs to be experienced.
You make it about the student not about you.
Thank you for all that you are!

Sue Lassetter 2012
Susan Lassetter, M.A., CLC, BU-BC, CHT
"The World's First Bariatric Life Coach"
Institute for Life Coach Training, Instructor
Founding Compass Coach


Special Information
Dates, times, logistics:
Choice of Training on Weekends or Intensive format
Contact us for more information.
Hours: 9:30 am to 4:30 or 5 pm.
Note: These are In-Person courses, held in Oakland, California.

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For a free individualized introductory call, please send your phone number and a good time to talk. Then we can give you more details about our program and find out more about what your needs and interests are.
Thank you.

You can also call us at 510-839-4800.
We would love to talk with you.
Thank you!
Marilyn Gordon

Intensives are courses taught on multiple consecutive days, and Training on Weekends are taught on multiple weekend days. We offer both options at various times within the year.

You can choose one payment of $2,100 $1,995, three payments of $717 $681 each, or six payments of $367 $348 each. Generous scholarship discounts available for early bird payments. Please call for more info (510-839-4800).

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Training on Weekends

which begins December 1, 2017

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An Example of Our Training
Program's Results

All of my adult life, I've been involved with education in
one form or another. To me it is a kind of magic elixir.
~ Marilyn Gordon

I received an email from Atissa, who graduated from our certification program in February of 2015. In four months, she already has created a successful practice, is helping people to the extent that they're thanking her over and over, and she's receiving a good income. It's thrilling for me to hear these things.

I wanted to share with you some of what Atissa wrote, as it is so heartening and inspiring. It shows what can be done if you keep pressing forward into action and overcoming all obstacles. Not everyone can or must do it like she has, but everyone can do a bit more with determination. Yes, she is fortunate to have a referral source for clients, but she has also had the wisdom to use that gift to help people in profound and wonderful ways.

Here are Atissa's words:
"My practice is doing great. I am so happy that I took your class. Your class opened so many doors and introduced to me a world that I knew so little about. I will always be thankful for the priceless knowledge and wisdom you shared with us. I really learned a great deal from your class and it's been a tremendous help.

"I work at Maj Medical Clinic in Visalia CA. Visalia is a small California city in between Fresno and Bakersfield in Central Valley. Most of my clients are referred to me by doctors (my husband and his other colleagues). I have a Masters Degree in Applied Behavioral Sciences. However, I had noticed that after several sessions of the counseling I used to do with my clients, even though clients had arrived at important discoveries, still the actual emotional wound was not healed.

"It wasn't until my hypnosis training with you that the important connection with the person's subconscious mind became the greatest tools in my sessions. Issues that sometimes would've taken me five or six sessions to discover and resolve now are being resolved in one session! It really works like magic.

A fibromyalgia patient calls me almost every week to just thank me. She is feeling every day better and better.

A construction worker is now working in a accounting firm and working on his CPA.

A 15 year old ADD (diagnosed by a psychiatrist) student who was at risk of failing , just was able to concentrate study and finish an "A" in every class.

Someone who smoked and drank alcohol for 15 years, quit both after one session.

"These are just a few examples among many self discoveries and personal healing experiences. Every session is just as amazing for me as it is for the clients. I am amazed to see how powerful and strong my clients are. Overall, I feel impressed by people. I love when they call me to let me know how they are doing.

"Thank you so much Marilyn. You are amazing.
With much regards and love,

Hypnosis Rapid Induction

Marilyn Gordon doing Touch Hypnosis Rapid Induction with a Student

Who should take this training:
This program is for anyone interested in becoming certified as a hypnotherapist, including professionals of all kinds and hypnotherapists who want to expand their skills. It is also for those who wish to take the training solely for personal development.

This program is designed for:

  • Those who want career advancement (part-time or full-time) and who would like to work with people in a private professional practice of their own.
  • All health professionals, including therapists, counselors, social workers, doctors, dentists, nurses, paraprofessionals and teachers who want to enhance their skills and add hypnosis to their practices.
  • All those interested in alternative healing modalities and want to make a contribution by helping others.
  • All who are currently hypnotherapists and want to deepen their knowledge and skills in the field.
  • Everyone interested in learning hypnosis and self-hypnosis for self- improvement and personal growth.

Here's what one of our recent graduates said:

"After an exhaustive search on the internet for the ideal hypnotherapy certification training, faith landed me onto Marilyn Gordon's website. After reading over her information, it didn't take me long to make the decision to enroll in her course without realizing how much of a positive impact it would have on my life.

The course was not what I had expected or prepared for. First Marilyn Gordon is in a class of her own; she holds nothing back when it comes to her experiences, wisdom or secrets, she just lets it flow. If quality information was sold by the ounce I owe Marilyn millions of dollars. Second, her style of teaching turns knowledge into music that infuses with your soul. Not only did I hear what she was teaching but I also felt it deep within me.

The course provided not only a solid foundation of confidence which to build my business upon; it also provided me insights on how to work on myself. If you are interested in learning why God made rocks then take someone else's course, but if you want to learn how to heal yourself and others along with how to build a successful practice – then look no further!"

Tom Terry

Expected Outcomes for Graduates:
Graduates can expect to increase their earnings through full or part-time private practice, classes, group hypnotherapy habit control sessions, corporate programs, adjunctive holistic medical treatment practices, programs in hospitals, schools and government agencies, writing and publishing, media educational programs and many other avenues.

Here's what another of our recent graduates said:

Mina Marmol"Marilyn Gordon's Certification program is the best investment I've made for myself in years! After having been a Middle and High school teacher for the past 15 years, I was ready to transition into a new career that would involve helping others.

I've now started my own private healing practice, which is coming along very nicely. Marilyn has provided me with the highest level of support and encouragement! I'm deeply grateful to her for the excellent training that I've received.

Each time I conduct a session with a client, I marvel at what I've been able to accomplish in my training, not to mention all of the personal growth I've experienced for myself in the process! I highly recommend Marilyn's certification program for it's high quality and long term value. Marilyn is a fantastic teacher and mentor!"

Mina Marmol

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Here's what others have said about
Marilyn and her work:

"This is a beautiful course. I learned so much, and I feel a sense of confidence with the work and also in my life. I so much appreciated the depth of knowledge shared and how it was conveyed from the heart. This course has opened up new vistas for me. I am so grateful."

~ Andrea Blau

"This is a very special training. Marilyn is wonderful, and her knowledge is motivating. Her experience is remarkable, and I felt her words came directly from her heart. I am ready to make the changes I want to see in this world, and I thank the inner transformation I received here. I'm grateful."

~ Cintia Cavalcante

"Marilyn brings a depth of knowledge to her course that can only be obtained from many years of hands-on experience. She trains on a high level and attracts students of high caliber."

~ Londdon Jhonzz

Jane Malmgren"Taking this Hypnotherapy Certification Course was definitely a life-changing experience for me! Marilyn displays a personal warmth and acceptance of her students that is remarkable. I found Marilyn to be a superb teacher. She taught the principles and practice of hypnotherapy in a way that helped me gain deep insights into how hypnotherapy can help people reach outstanding levels of achievement. She has deep experience in both hypnotherapy techniques and how to market hypnotherapy services. When I completed her course, I felt I had acquired an excellent foundation for my future work."

~ Jane Malmgren

"My Dear Teacher of Love and Wisdom,
Thank you once again for there is not one day that passes without using the wisdom you have passed on to me...giving me the opportunity to be of service and live the meaning of gratitude....
I find it important to honor our teachers and let them know that their students are growing and benefitting the world with the wisdom they share..."

~ Deniz Keller

"When I first arrived, I was immediately drawn to Marilyn's amazing energy that radiates love, wisdom and light. She is truly a special woman. Her course is taught with such an organic method that learning the material was exciting and informative. What Marilyn has opened me up to will continue to grow for a lifetime. I highly recommend Marilyn's course to anyone looking to have a prosperous hypnotherapy career or for amazing personal transformation! She is so inspiring!"

~ M. Church

"Marilyn is not only a gifted and caring teacher, she also has that rare ability to motivate and help students toactu ally do something with the skills she teaches. My expectations have been greatly exceeded, and I have very high standards for all that I do."

~ MC

"Marilyn is fascinating. I could listen to her for days. She is inspirational. She gave me what I needed and more. It is everything I thought hypnosis could be."

~ LS

"Marilyn is a wonderful teacher – full of humor, love and warmth. She is a true hypno-goddess."

~ LP

"Marilyn is an asset to the profession. Her work and view are unique and valuable."

~ PP

"Marilyn, you are TRULY an inspiration-- one of the most gifted door-openers I have ever known. I will never be able to adequately express my most sincere gratitude for all the doors you lead me to... and gently handed me the keys, and said, "NOW GO! Do this!"(I'm glad I had the wisdom to listen to you.)"

~ Barbara Hansen

"I have found myself reaching a greater level of confidence in my work and personal life. I am working hard on building my business, and am enjoying helping others. I thank you for the time and dedication you have shared with those of us who not only want to achieve our own personal harmony along with helping others, but to build a substantial business that transforms my financial needs."

~ SW

Jo Gentry"You are so inspirational, wise and deeply true. Your words are so powerful and beautiful that they cause a great resonance with me. Every time I read what you have to say , I am moved and deeply inspired. I breathe in new insight."

~ Jo Gentry, San Francisco

"Straight from the heart. She touched a place in me. An excellent, enlightening informative experience."

~ Teri D.

"Marilyn is indeed blessed to be doing this work, inspiring and empowering people to find themselves, sharing the light of knowledge and wisdom. Her being is a gift."

~ Nalini K

"She helped me turn my life around."

~ Kathy. Fremont CA

"Thank you so much for the concise and useful training in Hypnotherapy! The methods taught were clear, info4rmative and useful. The course manual was by far the most useful manual I have ever received. The amazing techniques brought to the class will jumpstart my business. Thank you for your time, energy, patience and warmth."

~ M.B.

"Even being in the space has given me tremendous insight to myself and the potentials. What a nice experience along the way."

~ Anon

"Excellent program in many ways. The content was thorough and complete. Group interactions were appropriate informative and well balanced with the material. Course material was well prepared and insightful. The space and energy was inspiring and enriching to be part of. Thank you for listening and teaching from your heart to ours! "

~ R.B.

"This course has provided me a means by which I can positively help others. It has not been a collection of data but useful and applicable methods. Marilyn is so well versed in her teachings; there is not one question she cannot answer. Beyond that, she is such a beautiful, kind and loving soul. I now have the tools necessary for me to go out and make a difference I the world."

~ TJ

"This course is truly transformational. Beyond the beyond! Not only did I learn a wonderful process to use to help people and to set up an income generating practice, I also received invaluable insights into myself, and my soul during this learning process and received transformational healing sessions from my classmates. I became a Certified Hypnotherapist who can start practicing professionally immediately because Marilyn also covered how to set up the business including which equipment and software programs to use."

~ Rebecca C.

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