Why Choose the Hypnotherapy Center over Other Certification Programs?

If you'd like a superb, quality education that costs you less and takes less time, come to our training program. To do excellent work, you need great training that provides a method you can use with almost every one of the issues in people’s lives. That's what we offer.
Other schools may spend hours teaching you things you don’t necessarily need. We’ve created a way for you to learn efficiently so that you get everything you need in less time. We teach you many aspects in the field of hypnotherapy, and we concentrate on a particular client-centered method that’s easy to learn and works, often miraculously for most clients.

Other schools tell you that the organizations with which they're affiliated are the biggest, oldest or best. They may tell you that if you don’t have a particular minimum number of hours of training, you need to look elsewhere. On the contrary, our school is affiliated with a time-honored, huge, international organization. And as for hours, it’s the quality that counts. It's what’s included in those hours that makes all the difference. We have classes that allow a lot of individual attention and hands-on-training. You learn to do the work and market yourself as well. You learn to be a professional and you have healing experiences of your own while being trained to assist others.

In addition, to become certified, you don't need to purchase additional books at our school. You receive all the books and materials you need with your training fee. Some other schools require you purchase additional books beyond the registration fees.

A superb education for less money and in less time – that’s what we offer you. Contact us for further details, and come join us at “A School for Your Soul”. You will love the experience you’ll have.

Marilyn Gordon has won six awards, is a Certified Instructor, hypnotherapist, healer, teacher, speaker and author with over forty years experience.

She is the author and creator of books, manuals, CDs, DVDs, and many other programs. She has been teaching hypnotherapy in workshops, hypnosis schools and international hypnosis conferences for many years. More about Marilyn Gordon.

What have some of our graduates said about us?

"I'd give this school a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10! There was a perfect blend of lecture, demonstration and practice time. There was a great combination of different teachers and teaching styles, and this allowed us to find our own style by exposing us to many different approaches. Marilyn Gordon is incredibly inspiring. Her compassion and insight are immediately obvious. I'd absolutely recommend this training to others. I'd say, 'If you want to be prepared, take this course!' It covers a huge amount of information, you receive volumes of helpful materials, the teachers are very accessible, and the practical aspects of setting up and marketing a hypnotherapy business were very current and informative. The main focus was on being compassionate, conscious healers."
~ A.F.    
"The quality of the teaching at your school is so personalized and excellent that no other school would be able to compare with it. And becoming a certified hypnotherapist gives me the knowledge that I can assist people in all matters of their lives. I am so grateful not only for the skills and techniques I learned, but also for the enlightenment that came into my life. I have a more panoramic outlook, and I have a clearer understanding of what it means to be of service."
~ H.R.    
"It’s hard to express in words how deeply this course is transforming my life, but it is. When I came to you, I was going through the most difficult time in my life. Now I find that I’m filled with excitement, joy, and hope. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I learned and expanded more in one weekend of classes with you than I did in over eight years of study at major universities I attended."
~ S.D.    
"Thank you for everything. I feel very prepared. I am so please with my new directions. I truly learned from a Master. You gave me EXACTLY what I needed."
~ R.D.    
"My experience studying with you was life-changing for me. My practice is going so well in my new city. My clients love the techniques. Thank you!"
~ L.S.    
"My business is growing rapidly, and I love doing it. Thank you. This course assisted in really major life changes, and I confess to having a great time."
~ C.A.    
"You truly are a master with a heart of gold!"
~ A.F.    
"I'm so touched by this work, and I thank you for teaching me this outstanding hypnotherapy program."
~ S.C.    
"This is a heartfelt thank you for teaching me Transformational Hypnotherapy. It helps my clients and me very much. All of my sessions end up with the client saying how wonderful it was, even from the first client I saw.” The Transformational Healing Method that I learned in the certification course really allows me to handle practically any situation with any client. THM is a wonderful client oriented method. Beyond learning the method, I didn't have to memorize a lot of information or run around looking for scripts. I just use THM and the clients receive truly life changing transformations that are gentle and easy, yet profound."
~ B.T.    
"Your hypnotherapy program is life-changing work, and I am most honored to be a part of it!!! You have created a wonderful healing curriculum and center, and I now have a sense of great peace and contentment."
~ S.G.    
"You left me with much food for thought, both academically and spiritually, and for this I thank you. I just wanted you to know that more than a year later, the ripple effect of sharing with you continues to touch my heart."
~ S.K.    
"You are a wise and loving teacher and have helped me immensely along my journey."
~ H.M.    

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You have 72 hours after you enroll to cancel your course. No refunds will be given after this. If you start the program and want to cancel, you have 24 hours after the first class to request a course credit in writing.
Payment plans are for the convenience of the student; the first payment constitutes the contractual agreement. The Life Transformation Company and the Center for Hypnotherapy Certification reserve the right to withhold certification if requirements are not completed in a timely manner or our standards of excellence are not met.
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